5 ‘Mini Adventures’ in Guernsey to Try with the Kids!

5 ‘Mini Adventures’ in Guernsey to Try with the Kids!

Here at Cheeky Monkey Mini Adventures, we offer kids the chance to feel like true explorers. We give them the opportunity to venture out into the Bailiwick and challenge themselves, all while learning more about their island home. But even if your kids are having fun with others their age on our organised Mini Adventures, there’s still plenty you can do as a family to keep their adventurer spirit burning! Here’s 5 Guernsey ‘Mini Adventures’ to try with your kids.


1) Walking – Icart Point to Petit Bot

Cliff-walking in Guernsey is world-class. Yet too many of us venture out onto the cliffs far too little. Maybe your kids moan about walking? If so, it’s time to turn your walks into mini adventures! A good way to engage your rugrats is to create a challenge involving the natural surroundings. Get them to photograph as many different species of plants as they can find. Being trusted with a camera makes the experience more exciting – and the task is educational as well as creative!

A good walk without too many inclines (just one small valley to pass through) is Icart Point to Petit Bot. Most of the walk follows the very top of the cliffs, so there are beautiful views aplenty!

As Bob from the website Guernsey Walker notes:

“Park in the public car park at Icart Point. There is a tea room here in season, and public toilets (open all year). From the car park turn right (west) along the cliff path. After a little under 10 minutes you reach a junction with the path descending to Le Jaonnet Bay. This is a pleasant sandy bay (except at high tides when the sand gets covered) which is worth a separate excursion in its own right. Take your own picnic though, because there are no facilities at the bay, and note there is a short ladder at the bottom to get to the bay itself.”

At the junction Bob just pointed out, turn right. Turning left will take you to Jaonnet bay, so this may be an option if you are looking for a shorter walk. Bear in mind, you and the kids will need to descend a ladder to the bay.

A while after your right turn you will find a seat to take a rest if needed. Carry on around a descending bend to the right, and turn left at the first junction you reach. This hill will lead you to a road where you can take another left down to Petit Bot. This whole journey will take you around 35mins, so set aside around 2 hours, enough time to walk there and back plus for some fun on the beach. Bob’s website also suggests a longer, circular route that takes you along some inland paths. He also supplies a map!

When back at home, put all the pictures onto a computer and count how many different species they photographed. Get them to choose their 5 favourites, and help them to identify each using a book or the internet.

Bring: Water, hats, suncream, cash for food/refreshments at the tea room.

Time: 1.5 hours +

Highlight: Getting to use mum/dad’s camera!


2) Cycling – Anywhere Along the West Coast

Simply grabbing your bikes and going for a ride can be turned into a great mini adventure. The west coast of Guernsey is perfect for cycling due to its flat terrain, stunning views and many safe paths. If your kids are confidant riders, inject a bit of extra fun by taking the bikes onto the common – push the bikes to the top of a hill and roll down!

Pack plenty of water, suncream and a few sandwiches to eat in a costal fortification of your choice. The bunkers and castles around the island are also perfect for a game of hide-and-seek. Alternatively, bring an arsenal of water pistols and… well, I’m sure you know what to do! A classic day out.

Bring: Water, hats, suncream, cash for food/refreshments at the tea room.

Time: 1.5 hours +

Highlight: WATERFIGHT!!!!!


3) Go-carting/Soap Boxing – Le Guet

Building a ‘go-cart’ or ‘soap box’ with one of your parents is an experience that’s up there with building a tree-house and digging a really big hole at the beach. These are experiences you treasure because they force you to work together, allow you to follow something through to completion and then, at the end of it all, enjoy the fruits of your labour.

YouTube channel, KidsDIY has a fantastic go-cart building tutorial led by young Steven – you can see the video of him making it below. If you want to really dive into this project, there’s also a book titled ‘The Soapbox Bible’ which might be of interest.

Of course, building the thing is only half the fun! Using it when it’s finished is what it’s all about. Once you’ve decided on a name for your new set of wheels, squeeze it in the boot and take it to Le Guet at cobo. There’s a variety of different sizes and inclines to choose from, and the ground is usually quite soft. Make sure you test it out first, and lead by example by wearing a helmet.

Bring: Wheels, wood, rope, screws etc. and a helmet

Time: A week or so to build – try setting aside 20 mins a day after school… Then hours of fun on the slopes!

Highlight: Completing a project with your family


4) Camping – Fauxquets Valley Campsite

Some of the fondest memories of my childhood are at Fauxquets Vally Campsite. My dad was a member of Round Table, so we would go there annually with the same group of families. There were a number of kids the same age as me, and over time four of us became very close friends – we still are to this day!

Start by gathering together a group of friends who also have kids and agree on some dates. The adventure can start way before you get to the site by involving the kids in the preparation. At the shop, give them part of your shopping list (a simple change of phrase like ‘list of supplies’ makes it more exciting). Get them to think about what they’ll need, and help them to write a list, then let them pack their bag themselves. Set up camp for a night or four. Perhaps you’ll need a box of wine in order to enjoy it, but all the kids will need is the seemingly boundless space to run, hide and play!

You can bring a few games to play outside – even if it’s just a ball or a frisbee. A pack of cards is good for winding down in the evening – teach them a simple game like ’21’. But before long, they will have found other things to play with anyway. One thing I remember doing is using a Pringles pot with a torch inside to catch May Bugs. We’d go to a field that was really dark – away from all the tents – and set our trap. Either it was a big year for the bugs, or my child’s memory has exaggerated the story, because before long, the whole thing was filled to the brim!

On-site there’s also a pool, a shop, hot showers, laundry room, playground, pool table, coffee shop, petting zoo. They also hold BBQ and Pizza nights!

Bring: Tents, sleeping bags, toiletries, outside games, cards, lots of water, plenty of food and snacks, hats, suncream.

Time: 24hrs+

Highlight: Escaping the Xbox/Playstation for at least 24 hours and getting close to nature


5) Riding escalators – M&S and Creaseys Home

As Family Adventure Project points out in this video, not all mini adventures have to be serious… Nor do they need to be outside! Something silly and spontaneous like riding an escalator or an elevator can be an adventure in its own right!

The only escalators on the island are in M&S on the High St. and Creaseys Home on Smith St. Both have elevators too! I don’t know how long you’ll be able to go up and down, laughing, before getting told to stop it and grow up… But you can be sure that the kids will love it! Anything that ‘breaks the rules’ a little is a guaranteed winner with the kids.

Bring: Your imagination

Time: As long as you can stand it!

Highlight: Going up a lift for the 57th time in as many minutes…

So there’s five ideas from us… What mini adventures have you been on recently? Can you think of any other good activities to do locally? If so, tell us in the comments below!

If your kids want to get serious about all this adventure stuff, why not sign them up for a ‘Mini Adventure’ with us? They’ll get to have fun with other adventurers their age and take part in fun activities not easily achieved on any normal day – even if you are Supermum/Superdad! We’re only running 6 Mini Adventures this summer, each with only 15 places. So book now to avoid disappointment!


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