Hello Guernsey!

Hello Guernsey!

Welcome to Cheeky Monkey Mini Adventures! Charlie and Lita here – Chief Adventurers at Cheeky Monkey Mini Adventures.

We’re so excited to launch our new business here on our beautiful island home. We’re just on our way back from Thailand, where we’ve been having our own adventure – but now it’s time for us to spread the Adventurer’s Spirit!

Lita sitting at a waterfall
Lita having some downtime after riding her Kawasaki 60km through dense jungle to find this waterfall.
Charlie jumping into waterfalll
Charlie jumping off a waterfall on Thailand’s west coast in order to capture some video footage.





We’re welcoming kids between the ages of 8 – 14 to join us on a number of ‘Mini Adventures’ around the Bailiwick this summer – and this summer only! Stay tuned by adding this site to your favourites bar on your browser, liking our Facebook page, and signing up for our newsletter!

Also, be sure to check out our Adventurer Competition for your kid to win a place on every Mini Adventure this summer!


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